Advanced Geolocation Solutions, LLC is a privately held high tech company specializing in result oriented research and product development. Our solutions apply to non-traditional areas with unique challenges, such as SAR, and non-cooperative interference or jamming signal sources. Our products are used in a variety of applications including NGO, search and rescue of missing people or objects as well as defense applications.
Our core competency is geolocation of wireless emitters in HF, UHF-VHF, Microwave, and SHF bands. We offer solutions at all levels of functionality. This can be a turn-key geolocation system with mapping or any customized components.
Dr. Aref Fouladi is President and founding member of AGS. He is trained in theoretical physics, specializing in non-linear dynamical systems. He has extensive research and product development experience in wave propagation, antennas, arrays, RF systems, and signal processing algorithms. In recognition of his work, Dr. Fouladi was awarded the prestigious NRO Tech fellowship in 2010.